Hi, I’m Landis Carter, the builder and owner of ChooseBestWebsiteBuilder.com. I’ve been testing every available website builder in the market so that you won’t have to sacrifice your time doing extra searching and digging. Come visit our website you will get a clear and clever idea of how to make the best out of your money.

I’ve been the owner of over 10 websites for over 8 years and I’ve built them all by myself using various website builder software and utilities. During the construction process of these websites, I’ve accumulated quite much knowledge and experiences of using website builders. Currently, I’ve used almost all the website builders available in the market.

I used to write a lot of articles and reviews of the website builders but most of them were scattered online. Then I realized the value of these words and decided to put them together as a resource base for people who are in need of a top-quality, cost-effective and easy-to-use website builder. So now, I’ve been focusing on building this website you are visiting, to help people choose a fancy website builder by providing professional point of views, in-depth & unbiased reviews, as well as user-targeted recommendations.

I’d love to compare all the mainstream website builders, listing their pros and cons, and most importantly, maintaining a comparison table with all the concerning aspects, features and specs clearly shown. It’s an effective way for most of our visitors to quickly get an idea of how a website builder is doing. My 3 diligent and specialized coworkers and I will test these website builders and evaluate them in all aspects that matter and rate them. Meanwhile, we insist to update the comparison table every 6 months to keep it fresh.